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What Aspects Of Your Office Are Holding You Back?

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For many businesses, a costly and time-consuming office refurbishment can be a daunting prospect. Indeed, the benefits of a well designed office has been suggested time and time again, and anything that can improve the health and wellbeing of all office occupants – and equally anything that causes low productivity and unhappiness amongst staff – should be of major concern for all businesses. We take a look at the importance of office design and how a commercial cleaning company in London may just be the help you need on your way to success!

The Important Of Office Design On Occupant Wellbeing

A healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a flourishing business in the long term, and it should be no news to anyone that minor differences in work conditions can have a large effect on the work we produce. Consequently, the financial return for employers can be significant. In other words, a motivated and happy workforce is what lies at the heart of a successful business.

There are certain design features that are well known to have beneficial impacts on the overall workplace environment and occupants, some of which are:

  • Indoor air quality –Harmful air pollutants from a variety of sources can contribute to building-relating illnesses. Poor ventilation rates can also have significant health impacts for office workers and reduce their concentration, so it’s a vital that the building is frequently cleaned by a reputable commercial cleaning company in London to minimise harmful pollutants and that the office design allows for better indoor air.
  • Daylighting and lighting – Good, preferably natural lighting, is crucial for employee satisfaction, and research into the benefits of light is continually growing. Worker productivity is generally enhanced in an office which allows for natural light. Clean windows are often an afterthought for many businesses, but removing dirt that has built up on your office windows will let more natural light and heat enter, thus reducing your electricity and heating bills.
  • Thermal comfort – With heating bills in mind, an office that is too hot or too cold (and consequently uncomfortable) can greatly affect workers happiness and standard (or quantity) of work.
  • Biophilia – The suggestion that we have an instinctive bond to nature has seen a rise in biophilicoffice design. Introducing green spaces and more nature such as plants in the office can improve the mental health of your employees.
  • Cleanliness – Of course, perhaps the most beneficial ingredient to a successful office is cleanliness. Whether you have a green, modern office with a sustainable design or not, it is all employers’ responsibility to provide their employees with a healthy, sanitary workplace environment.

A Premium Commercial Cleaning Company For London

If you want to create a productive, stimulating office environment for business success, contact commercial cleaning company for London, Julius Rutherfoord. Our cleaners are routinely trained to the highest of standards to carry out a range of commercial cleaning services, so call 020 7819 6700 today or email

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