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Student Work Experience

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Student Work Experience

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Last week Julius Rutherfoord welcomed five students into our head office in Battersea for a week of engaging work experience. The pupils, from Harris Academy Battersea and St Ignatius College, were each assigned to one of the following company department: Customer Service, Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources.

The students undertook a variety of different tasks and even spent a day visiting the Emirates Stadium, where they were able to see the latest industry equipment at a demonstration day organised by one of our suppliers.

Andre worked with our Operational Support Manager throughout the week, helping to file away vehicle documents, update our CRM system with recently carried out vehicle services & vehicle checks. He also updated our fleet management system with vehicle info and was shown how to carry out a vehicle check.

Katherine worked with our Sales & Marketing team and was tasked with creating a presentation analysing our competitors’ websites. She also researched relevant news industry articles and updated our CRM system with any data that was missing.

Alan work with our Head of Customer Services. He helped us to enter feedback from clients into our CRM system, i.e. client meeting forms, senior operations manager visits forms, etc. We explained to him the corrective action process so he could assist us in following up internal audit results and their corresponding corrective/preventive measures, etc. Alan also assisted with researching local charities and possible entities we can work with locally.

Catia worked in our front office with our Staffing Coordinator and helped with application and reference letters. In addition, she was involved with Identity and Documentation Verifications, Absence Letters, Employee Check Lists and filing.

Lucas worked closely with our Head of Time & Attendance assisting with device management. He was trained to configure time and attendance devices for use on site as well as labelling and updating records in the time and attendance project tracker. Finally, Lucas was also involved with issuing the time and attendance devices out to the appropriate managers.

We would like to thank all the students for their hard work during their week with Julius Rutherfoord and hope they enjoyed their time with us.

Julius Rutherfoord