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20-Year-Old’s Genius Idea To Help The Ocean “Clean Itself”

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20-Year-Old’s Genius Idea To Help The Ocean “Clean Itself”

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Boyan Slat, a 20-year-old Dutchman, is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, a project that not only has the backing of key political figures, like the mayor of Tsushima and the mayor of Los Angeles, but also began with a crowdfunding campaign that raised $2m. The goal of the ambitious project is to half the amount of plastic debris floating in the Pacific within a decade.

As an environmentally-friendly cleaning company that’s home to London’s best office cleaners, we are always interested in innovative ideas that help to protect our environment. We take a look at what, specifically, is involved in The Ocean Cleanup project and bring you the latest news!

An Oceanic Cleaning Idea Led By Dutch 20-Year-Old

Every year, an inexcusable 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our ocean, and some experts predict that this amount will more than double in the next decade;unless of course, we do something about it, which is why Boyan Slat’s ‘feasible and viable’ concept is getting so much attention.

After studying Aerospace Engineering, and becoming increasing aware that he came across ‘more plastic bags than fish’, Slat’s Ocean Cleanup idea emerged, and after that, he says, he simply ‘couldn’t stop thinking about it’. With only €200 of cash however, it wasn’t going to be easy getting people to listen. Luckily, Slat quickly gained supporters for his idea to become a reality.

You may be wondering how exactly his concept for the ocean to “clean itself” works. Well, instead of moving through the ocean and attempting to find plastic and remove it, the concept is that the plastic will come to us, with a little help of course.

It will involve placing enormous – 6,500ft wide in fact – V-shaped floating barriers in rotating tidal locations around the world (otherwise known as gyres), which will allow plastic waste to naturally float into capture. Unlike nets, fish won’t get tangled in these barriers; they’ll flow with the current, safely beneath the booms. Floating plastic is then funneled above and concentrated at the water’s surface, allowing for easy gathering and clearance.

The first storm-resistant, plastic gathering barrierswill be put into place in 2016 if all goes according to plan, near the Japanese island of Tsushima, and will require 100 oceanographers, translators, naval engineers, designers and others to move it forward.

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