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Background Noise And The Importance Of Silence

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Background Noise And The Importance Of Silence

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Sometimes, we don’t just forget to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, we forget how important they are to our health too. Things such as cleanliness, a good night’s sleep and silence are all essential to our wellbeing. Whilst we’re aware that it’s good to get a little peace and quiet every now and then, how many of us actually manage to escape the humdrum of everyday life and get a moment to ourselves to just be calm and silent?

We explore the benefits of silence, what people’s thoughts are about it and give you some facts and figures. If you think that you’re missing cleanliness in your workplace environment, get in touch with Julius Rutherfoord, an award-winning company offering expert commercial cleaning services for London.

Silence: How Important Is It Really?

More than half of workers think that noise in the workplace affects their overall performance, whilst a YouGov and Mental Health Foundation survey reported that 29% of people are stressed, 24% suffer from anxiety and 17% from depression. So could not getting enough of that all important silence be a contributing factor?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that tranquillity is a precious commodity to most. While we become increasingly reliant on technology, the noise and light that comes with these technologies could be contributing to higher stress levels and a reduced quality of life.

Wherever you are reading this right now, it’s likely you can hear something – whether it’s the drone of your laptop, traffic blaring past or simply your noisy work colleague or neighbour – the more we’re familiar with a certain noise, the more we’re prone to blocking it out. However, because we can’t see noise, it’s all too easy to overlook the consequences it can have on our health. The World Health Organisation reports that 40% of Europe’s population is exposed to noise levels in excess of 55dB at night: a level that reduces concentration and productivity, raises blood pressure, disturbs sleep, and increases incidences of heart disease.

In a survey conducted by the department of environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) and Quiet Mark (an international mark of approval award programme which is part of the UK Noise Abatement Society), which had 2,000 participants’, 76% felt that the quality of their home life is affected by noise. A further 61% felt that noise in the workplace adversely affects how well they perform, and close to half of all who participated agreed that they struggled to switch off after work. So could getting taking a little more time to “get away from it all” and sit quietly for a while be the answer? What do you think?

If you believe in the benefits of silence, why not join the #quietrevolution on Twitter? Or, if you simply require commercial cleaning services in London for your office, get in touch with us and improve the performance in your workplace.

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