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Campaigners Call For Action: Clearing Up Britain’s Streets

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Campaigners Call For Action: Clearing Up Britain’s Streets

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According to new statistics, Britain is one of the most littered nations in Europe. With over 30 million tonnes of litter collected every year in the UK, the cost to local councils is almost £1bn annually, and this figure isn’t set to fall any time soon. The national Keep Britain Tidy organisation, which had its £5m government grant withdrawn in the face of a tough economic climate, called for £1,000 on the-spot-fines for fly-tippers who dump bulky goods. The charity, plus Britain’s 671 voluntary litter groups, also called for a national campaign to make littering socially unacceptable. Read on to find out more about Britain’s blighted streets and keep your business in order with commercial cleaners in London!

Anger Mounts As Evidence Shows UK Is Most Littered EU Country

Household items such as prams, fridges and more have increasingly been found dumped across the UK in public parks, wasteland and verges, and even on housing estates, along with litter such as packaging, cigarette ends, drinks cans and bottles. Residents have took to voluntarily removing sackfuls of fast food waste and other rubbish in their streets as local authority spending has been slashed by 40% over the last five years.

Richard McIlwain, programmes director of Keep Britain Tidy, commented “rates of fast-food littering and flytipping are on the rise”, “the risk is that over the next five years local authorities will come under even more financial pressure and will have to cut back on services further. If so, we will see environmental degradation across large areas of Britain and people’s sense of wellbeing will decline.”

Official government figures demonstrate that flytipping incidents increased by a rather substantial 20% to 852,000 last year and that council funding for street cleaning has fallen for the fourth year running. Former poet laureate and president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) said that the “The problem of litter in our beautiful countryside is appalling and dismaying. Without urgent action, the generation that follows us will find the beauty of England submerged in garbage…”

It wasn’t just the former poet laureate who had his say however, writer and anti-litter campaigner David Sedaris expressed his opinion to the House of Common communities and local government select committee too, saying “it’s disgraceful” and “obviously a cultural problem”. Meanwhile, Local Government Association’s environment spokesman, Peter Box, stated that “litter and flytipping is environmental vandalism”.

As of 1st January of this year, new waste regulations mean that all UK businesses are required to dispose of waste responsibly, recycling what rubbish they can. Hubbub, a new anti-litter charity has partnered with innovative company Gumdrop – who recycle used chewing gum – to try to educate people about the environmental damage caused by littering. If you agree that littering is unnecessary, unacceptable and unpleasant, why not get in touch with Julius Rutherfoord’s specialist commercial cleaners for London and ensure your business is as eco-friendly as possible with regards to waste!

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