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Cold or Flu? Know The Difference And Prevent An Outbreak

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Cold or Flu? Know The Difference And Prevent An Outbreak

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Illness in the office is understandably of major concern to employers, but all too often not enough measures are in place to prevent an outbreak. It is only when a virus starts to noticeably spread amongst employees that we tend to act. As winner of the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Award for the UK’s ‘Healthy Workplace’ category and a company who provides the highest quality commercial cleaning services in London, we thought we’d gather some information about the common cold and influenza virus and offer some tips to minimise the chances of an illness spreading throughout your commercial office.

Don’t Let Flu Decimate Your Workforce: Information To Prevent An Outbreak

Seasonal influenza and the cold virus have very similar symptoms, including a stuffy or runny nose, fatigue, fever, headaches and body aches. Both generally make you feel miserable, however symptoms will be much more amplified with the flu, and make additional, severe complications such as pneumonia more likely.

The influenza and cold virus can both spread at a rapid rate, striking when we’re most vulnerable during autumn and winter when much of our energy is being used to keep ourselves warm. Although anyone can catch the flu and symptoms can be unpleasant, if otherwise healthy it should clear up within a week. This doesn’t mean that other employees won’t be infected in the meantime however, so if somebody is experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu, encourage them to stay at home and rest.

The best way an employer can help keep employees healthy and virus-free (and consequently boost the productivity of the entire office) is to ensure that your commercial office is regularly and thoroughly cleaned. This is especially important during peak flu seasons, and the most reliable way to do this is with an expert commercial cleaning service in London. Regular hand washing will also significantly reduce the likelihood of an outbreak, especially after coughing or sneezing.

Additional Ways To Minimise The Occurrence Of An Outbreak Of Flu

  • Ensure re-usable towels are washed and replaced regularly. Kitchen roll and paper towels in the washroom that are discarded are better for reducing the risk an outbreak however.
  • Make the availability of disinfectant wipes and antibacterial soap (ideally from touchless dispensers) a priority to encourage cleanliness.
  • As mentioned above, discourage employees from attending when they feel ill, as if they sneeze or cough, flu germs can last up to 24 hours, putting other employees at risk. Julius Rutherfoord’s highly trained cleaners will clean all surfaces and frequent touch points thoroughly with specially formulated wipes that are suitable for electrical equipment.
  • Last but not least, encourage employees to get the flu vaccination, more commonly known as the “flu jab”. It is free under the NHS for anyone aged 65 and over, and adults over the age of 18 who are more at risk at flu, such as those with a weakened immune system, an underlying health condition and pregnant women.

Reduce Illness With Commercial Cleaning Services In London

As an acclaimed cleaning company of commercial and educational establishments who have won numerous awards for the commercial cleaning services in London we provide, we’re confident we can provide you with an unbeatable cleaning service. If you require highly trained and professional contract cleaners for your business, whether it be general office cleaning, window or carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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