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Europe Set To Increase Renewables Up To 50% By 2030

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Europe Set To Increase Renewables Up To 50% By 2030

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The UK and the rest of Europe will have to get more than half of its electricity from renewable sources in fifteen years’ time if countriesaim to meet their climate objectives set by the European Union for 2030, according to a draft commission paper that was leaked earlier last month – read on for more information. If you’re looking for environmentally responsible specialist cleaners for your establishment in or nearby to London, take a look at Julius Rutherfoord’s professional contract cleaning services.

Green Technology On The Rise To Meet 2030 Target

Whilst it’s not certain if all EU countries will successfully meet the 2030 pledge, with a spokesman for the European Wind Energy Association pointing out that it’s unlikely the Netherlands, the UK and France will even meet the binding target for 2020 (to source a fifth of energy provision from renewables), there is an increased focus on the development of green technologies to help tackle climate change. Here are some notable ones that captured our attention:

  • Biodegradable batteries – A staggering 22,000 tonnes of household batteries on average end up in landfill sites every year, according to Recycle More. So the announcement that researchers in Sweden and the US have developed an efficient, biodegradable one is welcome news. It’s made of a wood-based substance called aerogel, is lightweight and high-capacity. The bad news is we’ll have to wait five to ten years before it hits the commercial market.
  • Transparent solar cells – Whilst we can currently gain warmth from sunlight that shines in through a window, we can’t harness that energy and turn it into electricity. Ubiquitous Energy, the company behind the new technology, recently unveiled its see-through solar cell, which transmits light visible to the human eye whilst capturing and converting some of this light into energy.
  • Microgeneration boilers – Flow, a Suffolk-based energy company, has launched a domestic gas boiler that generates electricity whilst simultaneously heating the home. It’s expected to cut electricity bills and also reduce a fifth of carbon emissions.

Currently, Europe uses an estimated quarter of electricity from renewable sources, but some these new technologies should help countries to reduce their high carbon emissions and meet the EU’s goals. These targets include at least a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared with 1990, and at least a 27% increase in energy efficiency.

Julius Rutherford’s Green Specialist Cleaners

Improve your establishment with specialist cleaners from Julius Rutherfoord. As a cleaning company that concerns itself with our ever-changing environment, we have implemented a range of environmentally-friendly initiatives, including recycling/waste management solutions and innovative chemical-free cleaning methods. Perhaps best of all is our Greener fleet management system, which we use to monitor, train and educate our specialist cleaners to be more fuel efficient when travelling.

For more information about our specialist cleaners or green ethos, don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team. Call 020 7819 6700 or email

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