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How Can Commercial Company’s Reduce Allergens In The Office?

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How Can Commercial Company’s Reduce Allergens In The Office?

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Whilst summer is a time to look forward to for many of us, 1 of 5 of us will be acutely aware that this is also when hay fever is at its most troublesome. That’s because a fifth of the world’s population suffers with hay fever at any one time. 27% of workers say their workplace makes their allergy symptoms worse (which may include sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes), so in honour of our Healthy Workplace Initiative, our commercial cleaners for London thought they’d put together this handy guide to help organisations reduce allergens in the office. Read on for great tips and advice!

Reduce Allergens In Your Commercial Office With This Guide

Whether it’s dust mites or pollen that are the culprits, 1 in 3 people suffer with allergies in their lifetime, and though it might seem obvious, the best way to reduce allergic symptoms is to avoid exposure to these microscopic particles. However, unfortunately for suffers it is practically impossible to eliminate all pollen and dust, even with our commercial cleaners in London, since these tiny particles are often airborne. That said, we’ve put together some helpful tips to control allergens in the office, and therefore minimise symptoms and improve productivity!

  1. Ensure adequate cleaning and vacuuming is regularly and thoroughly carried out – This will help to reduce the presence of pollen, dust mites and other allergens.  Remember that dry cloths will just stir up dust allergens, so it’s best to remove them with a damp cloth or mop instead.
  2. Encourage workers’ to wash hands regularly – A very simple technique to reduce symptoms of allergies is to wash pollen and other particles off with regular hand washing throughout the day. Showering before bed and wearing fresh clothes will also help. To encourage employees’ to frequently wash their hands, ensure soap dispensers are always available and consider putting reminders up throughout the office. This will also reduce the spread of germs and consequently illnesses too!
  3. Stock up on tissues – and keep them close! Although allergies aren’t contagious, because two common allergic reactions are sneezing and a runny nose, which can both lead to the spread of bacteria and illness, reminding employees to keep tissues close by will prevent the spread of germs and keep your workforce healthy.
  4. Keep windows closed – Despite the glorious weather, by keeping windows shut you’ll prevent pollen being blown indoors.
  5. If possible, consider replacing upholstered furniture and other dust harbouring materials with alternative furnishings.

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Since over 40% of people say that their allergies affect their work – leading to an estimated £7.1 billion in reduced productivity annually in the UK economy alone – using the services of a professional cleaning company like Julius Rutherfoord will help to reduce some of the factors that contribute towards hay fever and other allergies. We are an exceptional cleaning company operating in London for commercial, educational, and community buildings. Our expert commercial cleaners in London are highly trained and understand each client’s unique requirements.

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