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Improve Employee Attitudes With These Tips | Julius R

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Improve Employee Attitudes With These Tips | Julius R

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Motivation of employees can flounder for a number of reasons, and the longer their cause goes unresolved, the greater risk they are to your business. To ensure this doesn’t happen, Julius Rutherfoord, a specialist commercial cleaning company for London, has put together a guide to improve employee attitudes, because as an employer, you have a considerable amount of responsibility for the motivation and wellbeing of your workforce.

How Can You Encourage Employee Positivity

For a team to function to the best of its ability, all members must be fully engaged and committed, but understanding what drives every individual and implementing changes to reflect their needs is another matter. Here are several key improvements you can make to see considerable improvements across all aspects of your organisation.

  1. Communicate – By far the most effective and important thing you can do as an employer to demonstrate to workers that you not only care about their work, but care about their wellbeing and happiness, is to communicate clearly and often with them. Keep them ‘in the loop’ and send out weekly, or at least monthly, emails, with company related news and other related information, not forgetting to offer praise when deserved too!
  2. Involve – Before any major changes that will directly affect employees are made, find out what they think first and involve them in the planning and implementation process. Recognise that many staff members will have useful and valuable information already about how they could improve the company’s efficiency. Try sending out an anonymous survey to gather everyone’s ideas, or even hold a meeting to see if anyone has any objections or better ideas.
  3. Provide – One of the most basic and effective ways to improve the entire office atmosphere is to provide a safe, clean and healthy workplace environment. This may seem obvious, but all too often office cleanliness is overlooked. As an award-winning and experienced commercial cleaning company for London, Julius Rutherfoord offers a number of high quality cleaning services, all which we’re sure employees will appreciate!
  4. Plan Corporate Activities – Whether it’s a controlled training activity or simply a day that allows staff from all departments to mingle, by allowing time for interaction employees are likely to work as functionally together as they should. They’re also a fantastic way for all staff to improve their communication skills, learn more about each other, and practise decision-making – all of which are valuable to the success of any business.

An Award-Winning Commercial Cleaning Company In London

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