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Research Suggests Greenery Boosts Schoolchildren’s Memory

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Research Suggests Greenery Boosts Schoolchildren’s Memory

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It’s no secret that noise and air pollution are two major areas of concern when it comes to urban living; long associated with adverse health effects and decreased productivity in the workplace, a new study suggests green spaces could also help schoolchildren’s cognitive development. Read on to find out more, and if you need an educational or commercial cleaning company for London, take a look at Julius Rutherfoord’s professional cleaning services on our website!

Could Green Spaces Improve Our Children’s Mental Development?

Researchers in Barcelona seem to think so, after a study that was carried out over 12 months and involved 2,593 children aged seven to ten from 36 primary schools showed an improvement in their short-term memory. They wrote: “Our findings suggest a beneficial impact of green space exposure on cognitive development, with part of this effect resulting from buffering against such urban environmental pollutants.”

Led by Dr Payam Dadv and, from the Centre for Research and Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, the study found that for each degree of increase of green spaces in and around the vicinity of the school, the children’s memory development had improved by an extra 5%. Over the study period, participants’ overall working memory increased by an average of 22.8%, and superior working memory by 15.2%, while inattentiveness decreased by 18.9%.

Though the findings aren’t concrete – with experts in Britain pointing out that the study had its limitations – it has led to increased debate over whether we should concern ourselves more with the environments that we live and work in. The researchers wrote: “Approximately one half of the world population lives in cities, and it is projected that by 2030, three of every five persons will live in urban areas worldwide.”

As a commercial cleaning company for London, we’re familiar with the concerns of our clients in built-up urban areas, such as noise and air pollution. Whilst we can’t do anything about these outside factors, a cleaner and healthier working environment is proven to improve the motivation and productivity of schoolchildren and employees’.

We haven’t just won the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Award for the UK’s ‘Healthy Workplace’ category, but our work in schools was also recognised as we received the award for ’best cleaned educational premises in the UK’ too! If you require expert cleaning services in London, why not get in touch?

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