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Tackling Germs: Your Mobile Phone

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Tackling Germs: Your Mobile Phone

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Most of us use our mobile phone several times a day; you may set your morning alarm on it, check your emails, social media and have other apps that you regularly use on it. It’s not surprising then that your phone will accumulate a lot of dirt over time. No matter how clean we try to be, we can’t completely avoid germs – they’re simply everywhere; you’ll find them on door handles, your computer keyboard, dish towels and much, much more, including your mobile device.

Here at Julius Rutherfoord we provide professional London office cleaning for a wide range of commercial businesses. Read on for some expert phone cleaning tips and avoid those inconvenient and unpleasant illnesses!

Germ Hotspots: An Effective Cleaning GuideForYour Mobile Phone

Germ hotspots are places that we frequently come into contact with everydaywhere harmful germs are consequentlyin abundance. It’s not surprising then that these “spots” therefore require, or benefit from, extra care and attention. Without this, they’re likely to become a breeding ground for bacteria and potentially be the cause of an illness spreading throughout an office.

According to PwC research, sick days cost UK businesses £29 billion each year, a number that could be dramatically decreased if all companies recognised the importance of cleaning and professional London office cleaning services.

Julius Rutherfoord’s cleaners use the latest and very best cleaning methods and solutions to target germ hotspots and other surfaces in the office. We can even use specially formulated mobile phone wipes that will significantly reduce bacteria too. You may or may not be aware that germs thrive in warm, hospitable environments, just like we do, andsince mobile phones generate heat and are often kept in warm locations – such as your pocket or bag – they’re ideal places for bacteria to live.

Germs are so easily transferred from one object or person to another – in fact, a virus on one person’s hands can be transferred up to six times! Therefore,whilst you might think that taking the time to thoroughly wash your hands after using the toilet, eating your lunch or visiting a hospital is adequate, if you never clean your phone, there’s a good chance you’re still carrying around those germs from the toilet, kitchen and hospital.

Taking care to clean our everyday environment and practice better hand hygiene are two things that shouldn’t ever be underestimated.Making sure you clean your phone frequently and utilising London office cleaning specialists will further protect you and your employees from harmful germs.

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