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Filthy Office Dishwasher? Here’s An Easy Cleaning Guide

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Filthy Office Dishwasher? Here’s An Easy Cleaning Guide

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Your office dishwasher doesn’t clean itself, contrary to popular belief. Though its primary function is to clean -dirt from used cups, plates and cutlery will build up over time;leaving you with less than sanitary results. This won’t only leave you with unpleasant cups to drink from, but could also cause employees and visitors to become ill. Here are several simple cleaning methods you can use to get the best results out of your office dishwasher.

Easy Cleaning Tips For The Office Dishwasher

Bacteria can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so it’s vital that all appliances and surfaces are kept hygienic. If you happened to read our best office cleaners blog post discussing the not-so-clean office mug (you can read it here), then you’ll know just how important sanitized mugs, bowls and other shared office crockery is!

By properly maintaining the office dishwasher, you can ensure you get perfectly-washed dishes every time! Here are some extra tips to prevent dirty office cups and a foul smelling dishwasher!

  • Regularly clean the dishwasher filter, ideally weekly. This will prevent trapped food waste from dirtying your dishes! Clean with a soft brush and rinse with hot water.

  • Wipe the door seals down with a damp cloth weekly, too. This will stop your dishwasher leaking and keep it squeaky clean.

  • Every six months, remove and thoroughly sanitize the spray arms. You can do this by poking the holes free of any food waste, and by rinsing with hot water.

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

  1. Use dishwasher salt and rinse aid monthly – This will stop limescale building up and also softens the water, enabling detergents to work at their best!

  2. Vinegar & Bicarbonate of Soda Mix –A bad smelling dishwasher is definitely a pet hate for our best office cleaners, especially when the solution is simple! White vinegar, when mixed with bicarbonate of soda, makes a brilliant cleaning solution, and is sure to rid any bad odor. All you need to do to get the dishwasher smelling as fresh as ever again is:

    1. Remove dishwasher filter and soak it in hot, soapy water for about 10 minutes and then rinse and pop back in!

    2. After this, pour one cup of white vinegar inside the bottom of your dishwasher (where all the crockery goes), and put it on a thorough cleaning cycle. Leave it overnight.

    3. The day afterwards, put it on another cleaning cycle, and once finished, your dishwasher willsmell beautiful.

  3. Bleach – The bleach method is great if you have persistent mold, but you shouldn’t use it for dishwashers that have stainless steel inside them, since bleach will damage this metal! Well known as a highly effective disinfectant, bleach will get rid of dirt, mold and harmful bacteria.

    1. For this method, simply fill a cup with bleach and place it on the top rack

    2. Next, run a cycle with your dishwasher on the hottest setting.

If your office doesn’t have a dishwasher then regularly replacing old and greasy dish sponges with new, sanitary ones; promoting thorough hand washing; and cleaning cups and dishes with hot soapy water will dramatically improve the likelihood of a virus spreading throughout the office.

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