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How Technology Is Changing The Cleaning Industry

Cleaning companies that don’t invest in the latest cleaning technologies may believe that they are saving money, but actually many modern hi-tech solutions are both time and cost efficient for clients and businesses.

Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we’re always on the lookout for innovative solutions that enable us to streamline our operations and deliver the best cleaning services possible. Our aim is to become the best cleaning company in London, and so we welcome new, sophisticated technology and equipment that will help us to achieve this ambition.

Read on to discover how technology is changing the cleaning industry, and how we personally use technology at Julius Rutherfoord to deliver a world-class service for all of our clients.


  1. How The Latest Technology Is Maximising Security In Cleaning
    • Security Vetting
    • Biometric Time & Attendance
  2. Protecting Our Environment With Resourceful Solutions
  3. Streamlining Communication With CRM Goldmine Software
  4. An Innovative Cleaning Company With Personal Service At Its Core

How The Latest Technology Is Maximising Security In Cleaning

Whether you’re the director of a commercial company or the head teacher at a bustling London school, the security and safety of all visitors, staff and children should be of paramount importance. When hiring contract cleaners, it is essential that all staff have undergone a stringent vetting process to ensure that they not only have a legal right to work in the UK, but are also safe to work with children and vulnerable people.

Security Vetting

Security identity technologies which we incorporate into our recruitment processes enable us to combat illegal working and safeguard the security of our clients, their buildings and intellectual property. Unfortunately, with thousands of fraudulent identity documents in circulation within the UK, a quick, manual check of an ID document to verify identity, nationality and status is not enough. This is just one of the reasons why we utilise advanced technology systems, similar to those used by Customs personnel at international airports, in our strict four-step security vetting process, which all applicants must successfully pass to be a Julius Rutherfoord employee.

Together with a Children’s Barred List Check and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check, which flag up applicants who have committed crimes that restrict them from working with children and vulnerable adults, we also use Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) passport readers for automated ID document authentication. These capture ultraviolet and infrared images, as well as the full page of the applicant’s passport and the information stored in the MRZ to determine whether a document is genuine or counterfeit in a matter of seconds. The reader uses the world’s largest database with reference material on thousands of ID documents from over 200 countries and organisations, which is constantly updated with new documents as soon as they are issued. This machine, together with our other vetting steps, enables us to offer a 100% legal workforce guarantee.

Biometric Time & Attendance

In addition to our stringent recruitment process to ensure that our contact management and security measures are the best in business, we also use on-site biometric time and attendance monitoring. Biometric technology recognises physical characteristics of a person, such as facial measurements or a fingerprint pattern (which are entirely unique for every person), to identify individuals securely.

On arrival at a biometrically monitored establishment, a Julius Rutherfoord employee will scan their fingerprint into our system to check-in. This biometric system will then send accurate, real-time data about the employee (including their photograph) back to our head office, ensuring only those authorised to deliver our services are able to do so. As well as being a great identification tool, our fingerprint clocking terminals and attendance monitoring software also acts as an effective motivator for our staff to always turn up on time and meet our high standards of service, as if they are late or do not turn up, a notification email will automatically be sent from the system to the site manager and head office. Employees must also check out when leaving your premises, verifying the time they finish.

advantages of biometric security

Protecting Our Environment With Resourceful Solutions

As a green cleaning company we go to great lengths to implement environmentally-friendly services that are less harmful to our planet, and certain eco-technology has been a great help in enabling us to do this. We work with all of our clients to implement greener initiatives, and environmental awareness is something that permeates throughout our entire organisation. From embracing solar energy with the installation of 36 solar panels at our head office, to using innovative cleaning products that are free of chemicals, wherever we can, we’ll use the less environmentally-detrimental method.

  • Monitoring Our Greener Fleet Of Vehicles – We use a vehicle management tracking system which informs us of the whereabouts, mileage and speed of all our company vans and cars. With this information, we can monitor, train and educate our staff to be more fuel efficient.
  • Chemical free cleaning – Microfibre cloths and diamond encrusted twister pads have revolutionised the cleaning process, providing better cleaning without the need for chemical solutions that can be harmful to the environment.

Streamlining Communication With CRM Goldmine Software

CRM (‘Customer Relationship Management’) tool Goldmine, is an award-winning customer relationship solution that enables effective communication between ourselves and a client. It efficiently records all exchanges (whether it’s a telephone call or an email) associated with a client’s account, and can be used to schedule all kinds of contact interactions such as calls, appointments, inspections, audits and risk assessments amongst other things.

All of the above technology used by Julius Rutherfoord ensures every customer continually receives a service that’s no less than exceptional, enabling smooth operation and helping us to work more efficiency. If you’re interested in a cleaning company that constantly strives to innovate where possible, get in touch today.

An Innovative Cleaning Company With Personal Service At Its Core

In line with our ‘Fresh thinking in cleaning’ ethos, we strive to modernise our services and introduce the latest, most effective technologies, wherever possible, to ensure the highest level of cleaning and customer service for each of our clients.

If you would like more information about the topics we’ve discussed in this post, or are looking for a cleaning company in London for your own establishment, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7819 6700, or email us at

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