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The Challenges of Healthcare Cleaning

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The Challenges of Healthcare Cleaning

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Here at Julius Rutherfoord, a commercial cleaning company for London, we offer routine cleaning for a wide range of establishments, including schools, offices and more, but none present quite as manychallenges as cleaning in a healthcare environment.

Absolute cleanliness and sanitation has never been more critical than in a medical setting, since the risk of transmission of dangerous pathogens or harmful bacteria to already vulnerable patients is significantly higher.Reduction of Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) is paramount, and there’s no better solution than thorough, expert cleaning. Read on to find out more about what we do to minimise the risk of infectious diseases spreading and how we maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Cleaning To Prevent Infection In Healthcare Settings

Cleaning is an essential prerequisite to ensure effective disinfection or sterilisation in a healthcare setting. To enable our cleaning staff to provide an impeccable standard of service, and minimise risks of infections such as MRSA, they receive regular, professional training that is accredited by BICSc, have extensive experience working within similar environments, and use the latest cleaning and infection control technologies. Products such as probiotic cleaning, innovative microfiber, HEPA and sanitation monitoring technologies are all utilized by highly trained specialists.

We proudly provide a full range of expert medical cleaning services within the clinical and surgical settings, including the Institute of Cancer Research, who we have provided our services to for over five years. Working in partnership with healthcare professionals to identify your requirements, we put effective measures in place to ensure the highest of standards.

We regard the security and safety of all patients and healthcare staff as incredibly important. For this reason, all of our staff must undertake the strictest of vetting procedures to help safeguard buildings, property and people.

Since pathogens are capable of surviving for prolonged periods of time on surfaces, sanitation of contaminated surfaces is considerably important in clinics, medical centres, research laboratories and private hospitals, as without it these bacteria could be transmitted to new room occupants following the discharge of infected patients. Effective disinfectant, application methods and contamination assessment techniques are all carried out to ensure that pathogens in patient-care environments are kept to a minimum, especially in high risk or very high risk areas (such as intensive care units and theatres).

No matter what sector we are providing cleaning services for, our specialist cleaners specifically target touch points to tackle germs. Touch points or germ hotspots are surfaces that are known to be frequently touched. In medical settings, these could be areas such as supply carts, bed rails andbed surfaces.Door handles, computer keyboards, soap dispensers and switches are also known touch points in every one of our clients’ properties. Hand hygiene also plays an important role in reducing the spread of illness-causing germs.

Julius Rutherfoord | Specialist Commercial Cleaning Company In London

In addition to our expert healthcare cleaners, we can also offer support with a specialist clinical waste management program. If you would like more information about the range of cleaning services we provide at our commercial cleaning company in London, you can contact our friendly customer service team directly on 020 7819 6700, or email

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