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Vacuums Revealed: Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Rated Best?

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Vacuums Revealed: Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Rated Best?

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How many vacuum cleaners have exceeded, or at least met, your expectations? If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up dirt well, or you’ve noticed that dust and allergens that you’ve picked up previously have escaped back out into your home, it could be damaging you and your family’s health and making your home less hygienic.

Here at Julius Rutherfoord we offer premium commercial cleaning services in London for a wide range of establishments, as well as carpet and hard floor cleaning. We use specialist machines to make your office carpets and floors as good as new, but to keep your health and wellbeing as protected at home as it is at work, we thought we’d give you a rundown on some of the highest rated domestic vacuum cleaners in the UK.

The Most Reliable Vacuum Cleaners As Rated By You

You don’t always have to opt for the most expensive, leading brand items to get the best results, and this is true for vacuum cleaners also. We’ve taken into consideration numerous key functions to advise you on some of the top vacuums out there currently. Noise, ease of use across level and uneven surfaces, reliability, and power, have all been taken into account so that your carpet and floor can be beautifully cleaned every time.

    • Sebo Airbelt E1 Pet – This compact and upright cylinder vacuum is brilliantly lightweight, powerful, and is easy on your ears too, with a noise level of only 73dB. It’s ideal for cleaning the stairs, and easily picks up pet hair as well. The only down side to this cleaner is its small bag which holds only 3.5 litres.
    • Dyson V6 Fluffy – This upright, cordless vacuum which is battery-powered is, whilst not the cheapest, definitely the one with the most fanciest of functions. It’s fantastic at picking up pet hair, has brilliant suction power, especially on hard floors, and will remove large debris and small dust particles with ease. 10/10.
    • Numatic Henry HVR200-A2 – This iconic cleaner offers good all-round domestic cleaning, so much so that we’d rate it 9/10. Whilst it’s not great with pet hair and is slightly heavy compared to others, it is reliable, robust and is brilliant value at around £100. It comes with numerous different suction hoses that attach effortlessly, though they can become stuck if pressed too firmly.
    • Sebo Felix Vogue Eco – Not only is this cleaner uniquely designed, it also offers exceptional domestic carpet cleaning. It’s great with pet hair, and it has a smart, flexible neck that allows it to get right beneath chairs and other fairly low furniture. In addition, it’s brilliant for manoeuvring because of its light weight, too. At 83dB, it’s relatively noisy – akin to the sound of light traffic – but the benefits of this cleaner far outweigh the negatives. We’d give it a 9/10.

Expert Commercial Cleaning Services In London

Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we provide a range of specialist hard floor and carpet care services, as well as everyday commercial cleaning services in London. We’ve won numerous professional awards and have over 20 years of experience working within some of London’s top establishments.

If you would like more information about the commercial cleaning services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our friendly customer service team on 020 7819 6700, or email us at

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