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Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Your Office Staff For Cleaning

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Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Your Office Staff For Cleaning

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All establishments need cleaning regularly, however many businesses still depend on their office staff to carry out routine cleaning, instead of hiring an expert commercial cleaning company in London that’s thoroughly equipped with the right cleaning solutions and highly trained cleaning staff.

Many companies will believe that they’re cutting costs by relying on their employees to clean, but in fact substandard cleaning carried out by less-than-knowledgeable office staff can lead to unexpected expenses and a poor working environment. Read on to find out why proper, expert cleaning is so important, and how it could save you money.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire An Expert Commercial Cleaning Company

    1. Unsatisfactory results – If companies rely on untrained, lackadaisical workers to clean office furniture, electrical equipment and more, then they can only expect to get substandard results. Using the wrong cleaning agents and methods is not only dangerous, but could also cause considerable damage that will lead to hidden costs.

      If proper cleaning isn’t regularly carried out, staff sickness is likely to be higher, too. However, with a thorough and expert commercial cleaning company in London such as Julius Rutherfoord, you can count on an exemplary cleaning service

    2. Asset & Employee Protection – Unless you hire cleaners from a company that has the appropriate insurance to maintain hygiene standards in your office, you could be held financially liable should any damage or workplace accident occur as a direct result. It’s not just professional indemnity insurance that you should look for in a cleaning contractor however, it’s better if they also have fidelity insurance, which will protect you against criminal activities too. Julius Rutherfoord carries the below levels of insurance:
      • Employers Liability: £10m
      • Public Liability: £10m
      • Employee Fidelity: £1m
      • Professional Indemnity: £100k
      • Loss of Keys: £250k
    3. Employee Morale –It’s bad enough if you’re unable to find a commercial cleaning company that doesn’t train, pay and value its cleaners, but having your office employees carry out cleaning duties,when this is far from what they signed up for, will almost certainly cause them to become dissatisfied. This in turn is likely to affect their productivity and morale, and a bad workplace atmosphere could even cause them to leave.

    4. Time cleaning is time away from business – Last but not least, if your workers are taking time out of their working day to carry out odd cleaning tasks – even if that is just 15 minutes with a vacuum cleaner – you are still paying for them for their cleaning service, rather than for what they were trained to do. If their job is to provide customer service, then that’s time spent away from the phone, which could cause customer dissatisfaction too.

Commercial Cleaning Company For London

Our specialist cleaners undergo regular training at our BICSc accredited Training Academy to ensure they always provide the highest levels of cleaning for London’s schools, offices and other establishments. If you’re looking for a reputable commercial cleaning company in London that has won numerous awards for its exceptional results, look no further than Julius Rutherfoord.

You can contact our friendly customer service team on020 7819 6700, or email us at for more information.

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