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Home Office Visit

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Earlier this week, Julius Rutherfoord was visited by a team from the Home Office conducting a routine check for illegal employees. An audit was undertaken all of our employee files for the boroughs of Wandsworth, Lambeth, Merton, Sutton and Bromley, totaling approximately 688 staff members. At Julius Rutherfoord we employ the most stringent security vetting procedures in the cleaning industry and as a result of this, only 5 records required further documentation. The Home office team commended the robustness of our staff vetting procedures and commented:

“Out of the 1800 staff employed we checked 688 records and did not encounter any offenders with the use of fraudulent documents. We were also impressed that the recruitment staff had training in spotting imposters and the various checks points you had throughout. Overall the procedures are secure”

Keesing Measures employed by Julius Rutherfoord to prevent illegal workers includes Keesing Authentication Scanner, Biometric fingerprint machine, regular site ID Audits, and our very own HR team who are trained to identify imposters through unique facial examinations.

Following the visit, we have requested further training, but we were informed that we already have the systems in place to prevent illegal working, therefore not requiring any further training or assistance from the Home Office. If you would like more information about how we check and verify the legality of our employees, you can read our latest blog post here.

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