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How Does Domestic And Commercial Office Cleaning Differ

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Domestic and commercial cleaning companies differ greatly; whilst the fundamental purpose of both is to clean and maintain a space, the implementation of these services and the expectations of clients can vary significantly. Of course in their most basic sense, domestic cleaners carry out their work inside residential properties, whilst commercial cleaning is done on a much larger scale for professional establishments. Read on to find out more about the differences between the two!

What Are The Differences Between Domestic & Commercial Office Cleaners?

  1. More To Clean – Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the scale of which work is carried out. Whilst a domestic cleaner may be hired to clean a home from top to bottom, commercial best office cleaners will be required to clean and sanitize one or multiple commercial buildings.
  2. More Advanced Solutions – Another distinction between home and office cleaning is the fact that many domestic cleaners need to use homeowners cleaning supplies and domestic appliances (such as their vacuum cleaner and cleaning products), rather than their own. In contrast to this, a good commercial cleaning company will use the latest cleaning technology and solutions to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness is achieved.
  3. More services – The cleaning services commercial companies offer will vary significantly depending on their size and success. Here at Julius Rutherfoord our services are wide and diverse – from specialist contract cleaning and garden and ground maintenance, to recycling management, window cleaning and even floor restoration. Each member of staff is specially trained to carry out their job role to the highest of standards, using the latest (and highly effective) management systems and technology. Household cleaners on the other hand very rarely offer more than general dusting, cleaning and vacuuming services.
  4. Hours of work – Residential cleaning is almost always done during the day, whilst timings may differ for commercial office cleaners.
  5. Domestic cleaning is very much viewed as a luxury, whereas commercial cleaning is almost always considered a necessity. Commercial cleaning helps business operations to run smoothly whilst also putting into place the most beneficial working structure for office employees. If the workplace environment is well maintained and hygienic, office staff are more productive, healthier and happier.

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