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Resistant Plants That Deter Pests and Diseases

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Resistant Plants That Deter Pests and Diseases

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There are a huge variety of plants that are resistant to pests available on the market; however, whilst these plants may be effective in pest prevention, once a pest or disease has had sufficient time to progress and occupy your grounds, the below suggestions may do little to counteract the problem.

If you’re concerned and are looking for pest control services from a highly adept commercial cleaning company in London, our experienced contractors can effectively rid an infestation that occurs on your property. For more details or to get in touch, simply call 020 8003 4460 to speak with one of our friendly advisors today.

Preventing An Infestation Naturally With Insect-Deterrant Plants

Troublesome pests such as slugs, vine weevil, aphids and more insects that damage or kill a wide variety of plants on your grounds can be frustrating. However, you don’t need to use harsh garden chemicals to deter unwanted visitors from your grounds.

Not only is the use of chemicals to control diseases and pests strictly legislated under EU law, unless you’re a trained professional, only products approved for use by amateur or home gardeners can be used. This is because these products are significantly less potent and are therefore considered less harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, because of the unreliability of these products to treat infestations, many customers will be disappointed with the final results.

Since first impressions really do count, you want any visitor on your premises to enjoy beautiful surroundings from the onset. As a pest deterrent, you can try some of the below plants and herbs which give off aromas (some of which go undetected by humans) to keep your property’s exterior more protected and stop pests causing havoc in your gardens!

Plant Insects & Pests Deterred
Basil mosquitoes and flies
Mint ants and white cabbage moths
Garlic Japanese beetle
Thyme cabbage worm
Asters most insects
Catnip Spittle bugs, flea beetles, ants, weevils
Sage cabbage moth and carrot fly

Whilst the above options will help to deter pests, keeping an eye out for unwanted visitors and any plant discolouration and tackling the problem as early as possible will control most infestations.

Are you having trouble with pests? Whilst companion planting is an excellent idea, you may require professional help if the infestation is more widespread or uncommon.

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