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The Benefits Of Daytime Commercial Cleaning Services

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The Benefits Of Daytime Commercial Cleaning Services

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Whilst you can guarantee residential (or domestic) cleaning will be carried out during the day, the commercial cleaning sector is somewhat different. Some companies will have their cleaning staff work evening hours (or even over the weekend) when office workers have gone home for the day, whilst others prefer to hire the best office cleaners that will work during the day.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both daytime and out-of-hours services, depending on what requirements you have and your expectations. Read on for some of the pros and cons of both!

The Pros Of Daytime Office Cleaning

  • It will save you money – Whilst the difference between the price of hiring commercial office cleaners who work during daytime hours and nighttime hours is very similar, the cost of keeping your establishment well lit and warm for several more hours adds up. Any security personnel will also need to be paid to stay on duty for longer.

    With daytime cleaning however, there’s no need to provide more warmth and light to the office overnight, so you save money on your energy bills (as much as 30%)!

  • It helps the environment – Since less energy is wasted, commercial companies will also boost their likelihood of meeting their energy objectives for the good of the environment too!

  • Improves employee satisfaction – Whilst evening or weekend cleaning might give the impression of an overnight miracle taking place, sometimes employees can be left feeling disappointed with the results in the morning. This can lead to a rise in complaints.

    However, with daytime cleaners, office workers can visibly see what work is being carried out, so they not only know that the work is being done, but also that it’s being carried out in a professional manner, too. Consequently, employees can feel rest assured that their office is hygienic and properly maintained!

  • Happier cleaners, too! –The detrimental health effects that night shifts can have on employees have long been known – from not being able to sleep properly, to feeling as though they can’t concentrate when they are awake. With daytime services, our best office cleaners also have a more structured (and therefore healthier) lifestyle, resulting in better productivity and attention to detail.

Did you know? Lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1,000 cups of tea! (Creating Awareness Campaign, Carbon Trust, 2013).

Hire Best Office Cleaners Today

Here at Julius Rutherfoord, our best office cleaners can accommodate daytime cleaning. This enables us to deliver a service that’s much more responsive and efficient, and is what has won us so many awards!

Taking into consideration your specific requirements and schedules, we work with you to deliver a service that’s perfectly integrated with your business. If you would like more information about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0207 819 6700, or email

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