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The Importance Of Responsible Clinical Waste Disposal

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The Importance Of Responsible Clinical Waste Disposal

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Since clinical waste is that which consists of components related to a healthcare activity that could pose a risk to public health or the environment, it stands to reason that clinical, or medical, waste should be responsibly handled and disposed of. In this post, we take a look at the importance of disposing clinical waste appropriately and offer some expert advice to increase the health and safety of your establishment!

Why Appropriate Disposal Of Hazardous Waste Is So Important

Here at Julius Rutherfoord we provide a range of clinical and commercial cleaning services for London, including specialist clinical waste disposal and soft FM services which adhere to current legislation and safety guidelines. Each one of our staff receives extensive and on-going training in the latest infection control measures, thereby ensuring your establishment is thoroughly hygienic and safe for employees, visitors and patients.

As defined in the Controlled Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2012, “clinical waste” is waste from a healthcare activity that;

  1. contains viable micro-organisms or their toxins which are known or reliably believed to cause disease in humans or living organisms,

  2. contains or is contaminated with a medicine that contains a biologically active pharmaceutical agent, or

  3. is a sharp (such as a syringe needle, broken glass or other sharp item), or a body fluid or other biological material (including human and animal tissue) containing or contaminated with a dangerous substance,

and waste of a similar nature from a non-healthcare activity.

Any of the above types of waste will be hazardous to humans or the environment if it is improperly disposed of. All clinical waste must be rendered safe to adhere to regulations and prevent harm being caused to both the environment and to human health.

Since a significant number of medical waste is generated through material used to treat patients who are unwell, it is important for all establishments to take responsibility for appropriate waste management and infection control. Without these necessary measures, the spread of disease will be heightened and risk of contamination a constant concern for all those who are aware of the issue.

The health risks associated with improper waste disposal is widely known, and there have been instances of contamination within communities where organisations haven’t taken appropriate measures. Julius Rutherfoord’s waste disposal services are fully compliant with the latest health and safety regulations, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your waste is properly handled and disposed of.

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