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7 Benefits Of Hotel Grounds Maintenance

Hotel grounds maintenance is about much more than keeping your grass trimmed and commercial grounds neat and tidy; unfortunately however, hotel gardens are often left neglected by managerial staff in favour of indoor maintenance services, but both are important! In this blog post, we take a look at 7 benefits of ground maintenance and give you an insight into our five-star commercial cleaning services for hotels!

How Can Grounds Maintenance Services Help Hotels?

  1. Greater appeal – The differences between a 4-star and a 5-star hotel are often very small, but it’s things such as a well maintained and attractivegarden that makes all the difference. Beautifully even lawns, healthy flowers and an overall attractive exterior will ensure that every guest feels most welcome when they arrive to your establishment, and every passerby will want to be a guest!
  2. Increased safety– Overgrown, unkempt grounds can obstruct road markings, paths and entranceways, resulting in a hazardous environment for guests and hotel staff. Our experienced ground maintenance teams can tackle almost any outdoor hazard, from tree felling to bulk refuse collection, so your gardens will always be safe for every adult and child to enjoy.
  3. Increased longevity– Whatever architectural elements your hotel grounds has, from water features to sitting areas, their lifespan will increase with expert maintenance and care.
  4. Improve hotel’s reputation – Understandably, a messy, littered hotel garden (no matter how small) doesn’t make any commercial establishment look professional. Since the exterior of your hotel is the first aspect anyone will see, its appearance should definitely be high on your priority list.
  5. Less stressful, more positive – No employee feels motivated to work to the best of their ability when they’re greeted with miserable-looking grounds every morning, but beautiful gardens will also give staff one less thing to worry about too. Research has also shown that exposure to nature can significantly improve our mental wellbeing.
  6. Minimise pests – Pests are another problem which can arise without proper exterior management, which can lead to further health and safety risks. While our grounds maintenance experts can prevent pests, we can also provide pest control services when required.
  7. Save money– Many in hospitality and leisure industries often try to save a few pounds by leaving commercial cleaning services to chance, only to pay out more when something goes wrong (for instance a costly claim from a slip, trip and fall injury).With the correct care and maintenance however, you can save money bydoing things right first time and giving guests such an excellent service that they’ll want to return time and time again!

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