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Don’t Get Ill This Christmas! Top 5 Best Cleaning Tips For Offices

Being ill in bed with cold or flu isn’t how anybody wants to spend their Christmas, especially when there are so many festive parties to look forward to! Unfortunately, this is when these viruses are often at their peak (and employees are at their most vulnerable),so cleaning is especially important to keep illness-causing germs at bay.

Luckily, catching the common cold or influenza during wintertime is preventable. Take a look at our helpful guide to staying healthy at work this Christmas, and don’t forget to get in touch for London’s best office cleaners!

5 Steps To A Healthy, Illness-Free Christmas

For all the festivities that lift our spirits during December, there’s seemingly no escape fromthe bitter cold weather!As well as this, because we require extra energy to keep ourselves warm during winter, we’re even more vulnerable to catching an illness. Fortunately our best office cleaners specifically target germ-prone areas in your office,so that you’renot only better protected against illness, but more motivated and happier, too.

  1. Remind everyone – To minimise the spread of flu, put up reminders in restrooms for employees to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, and consider sending a company newsletter out notifying everyone of the importance of sticking to good hygiene practices. Even just having tissues to hand in case they have to sneeze will help! If they do get ill, it’s best if they stay at home until they’re well again – otherwise everybody in the office will be more at risk.
  2. Keeping warm – Making sure the office is at a comfortable heat to work in will not only keep your employees warmer and therefore less disgruntled, but more focused too. While every person should protect themselves from the cold by wearing more layers and staying hydrated and well-fed, employers should ensure the office temperature is around 21-23 degrees.
  3. Don’t neglect the windows this winter – Understandably, office windows are often the last things on our minds when it’s cold! However, keeping them maintained throughout December, January and February is a must for a healthy workplace. Ensuring they’re maintained won’t justreduce condensation and mould (which can affect those with asthma and other respiratory conditions), but by ridding dirt and grime from them you’ll instantly allow for more natural light into your workplace.Don’t brave the cold, though – our specialist window cleaners are just a phone call away.
  4. Carpets and hard floors – No matter how much foot traffic your workplace gets, dirt and mud can soon get traipsed in from outdoors, leading to stained carpets and mucky floors. These aren’t only unpleasant for employees and potential clients to see, but they can also be dangerous. Since trip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury in offices in the UK, ensuring they’re safe is essential. Consider putting a cautionary ‘wet floor’ sign up at the entrance during bad weather, and take a look at our professional carpet and floor cleaning services.
  5. Leave your desk for lunch – We know it’s tempting to heat up hot comfort food and eat at your desk when it’s cold, but desks are notorious for harbouring bacteria, and crumbs, soup spillages and more only make the situation worse! Not only will you be left with a cleaner desk in which to work in, but you’ll also feel much more refreshed after a proper break away too.

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