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Graffiti removal service

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Graffiti removal service

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One of the many challenges we face as a cleaning contractor in London is the scourge of graffiti. This form of urban vandalism is unfortunately common in a large city such as London, but it has led to Julius Rutherfoord developing an extremely effective graffiti removal service.

Through carefully selected partners, we have sourced a highly effective range of specialist, non-toxic removal chemicals and techniques.

The example below appeared on a housing estate in North West London that we maintain. After securing the work area, we paint on the chemicals, chosen depending on colour and density of the graffiti. After 10 minutes, they are agitated and another thin coat applied. The wall is then pressure washed, diluting and rinsing the chemical (which is non-environmentally toxic).

In a little more than half a day this badly damaged wall was returned to its original state and the graffiti completely removed.

Graffiti Removal‎If you would like to learn more about our graffiti removal service, or any of our other cleaning and soft FM services, please contact us at or call 020 7819 6700.


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