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5 Energy Saving Tips For Offices This Winter

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Whilst it’s necessary for businesses to compensate for colder conditions in the run-up to winter, there’s no need to pay over the odds for your energy. There are lots of different things that small and large offices can do to reduce their energy usage this Christmas, while still remaining fully operational (and warm)! Take a look at our helpful advice below, and if you’re searching for a contract cleaning company in London, look no further than our award-winning services.

5 Tips To Save Money On Your Office’s Energy Bills

According to energy company British Gas, the average office is estimated to see a 63% rise in gas usage from autumn to winter. While it’s reasonable to assume that our energy bills will increase during colder weather, there are ways to cut down on how much is used without going over budget.

  1. Did you know that the energy used to power a PC monitor that’s left on overnight equates to the same energy used to print off more than 500 A4 pages? Or that electric heaters are notorious for generating double the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than central heating?There are lots of seemingly small actions we can take that really do mount up and make an impression on our energy bills, so encourage your employees to be more conscious and switch off those monitors! Also, remember to close the windows and doors fully as you enter or leave the building! It’s not just safer, it’s more efficient, too.
  2. Prepare prior to winter with ‘green’ alternatives – Many people assume that an environmentally-friendly office setup will be too expensive, without even looking into it. Of course it can be if you opt for the whole shebang, but investing in smaller things such as heat-saving window blinds and draught-proof strips that adhere to doors can make a real difference as well.Of course the more eco facilities you have in place, the lower your energy bills should be (Carbon Trust asserts that an eco-conscious office could potentially lower their bills by up to 65%, in fact), but it’s down to individual companies to decide how much they want to invest in environmentally-friendly initiatives in the first place.
  3. Intelligent new meters – ‘Smart meters’ have a number of benefits that companies can take advantage of this winter. Not only do they display how much energy your office is consuming, they also have the ability to send this information directly to your energy supplier, cutting down on unnecessary admin costs. With a better understanding of how much energy your office is using, you’ll be able to take appropriate measures to lower it.
  4. Our cleaners can work during daytime hours, meaning that energy isn’t wasted overnight on extra lighting, heating and more. You can cut down costs further by offering your staff a more flexible schedule and a ‘work from home’ initiative, even if it’s just one or two days a week!
  5. Switch energy suppliers –We know it can be a hassle to research and switch, but if you’re paying over the odds for your energy bills, it’s only going to continue to increase!

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