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5 Helpful Suggestions To Improve Office Morale During Winter

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Nobody feels their best during winter, especially by late-afternoon when it’s already dark outside! Luckily, our commercial cleaners in London put their thinking caps on and came up with some handy tips and advice to improve the morale of office employees during wintertime! Take a look below and look forward to a more positive and proactive workplace atmosphere.

Top Winter Tips To Give Employees A Boost

A happier workplace environment starts with just that – the environment! Whether it’s reinventing your office design to include some bright plants or ensuring that the office has been cleaned throughout, our commercial cleaners in London have some top winter tips to help fight those winter blues!

      1. Think about lighting – Lots of people experience low moods or depression during winter. This is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or more commonly “the winter blues”. There are many ways to minimise the effects of SAD, but as research has suggested that our moods are largely dependent on our exposure to daylight, simply ensuring that the curtains or blinds are open during daylight hours and investing in good, quality lighting (including lighting made especially to combat SAD symptoms) will help.
      2. A comfortable and safe reception room – Make visitors and employees (including you!) feel reassured by preparing the entrance hall for the winter weather. While everybody will no doubt feel better for being out of the cold when they step indoors, it’s often the small, thoughtful details that are noticed most. A stand filled with umbrellas that employees can borrow in case of a downpour is sure to be appreciated, while a simple ‘welcome’ mat to greet people (and reduce slip and fall accidents) is a nice touch too. Also, a ready supply of grit to improve accessibility in bad weather is a must!
      3. Take care of your office staff – When we feel unwell, we’re not as outgoing or productive because our body requires more energy to get better again. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that measures are taken to combat the spread of flu, the common cold and other illnesses during winter – even if just one person is ill it can cause a disruption to workflow! Our expert commercial cleaners in London are trained to recognise “germ hotspots” and even carry out cleaning in the healthcare sector where impeccable standards of cleaning aren’t just required, but absolutely necessary for the safety of patients, staff and visitors.
      4. Introduce small, fun activities to keep moral high – During winter it’s easy for even the most focused and determined employee to get a bit lacklustre with their work. To keep the office upbeat, you’ll have to be prepared to be a little more lenient than usual and allow for a little creativity. While stopping everyone from working to have a game in the hope they’ll be more productive can seem like a waste of time, short games that encourage teamwork will help to keep spirits high and enable them to be more focused when they return to their desk.
      5. Don’t forget about isolated offices – It isn’t just the staff in your head office which would benefit from a little extra attention this winter. If you have other branches in remote locations, take in to consideration their individual needs too.

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