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5 Winter Pests You Don’t Want To Find In Your Office

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Just as we humans like to take refuge indoors out of the bitter cold weather, so too do many common pests and critters. As well as our specialist cleaners who are frequently trained to ensure they continually provide an immaculate service, we can also arrange for our trusted pest control subcontractor to take necessary measures in your establishment should you ever require them.

Take a look at our helpful advice for deterring pests this winter, and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our award-winning cleaning services!

5 Pests To Look Out For This Winter

Pests such as rodents and bugs aren’t just annoyances that gnaw at our furniture – they also pose a significant threat to our health too. Winter rodents such as rats and mice are particularly worrying, as they often carry a multitude of diseases that can be passed on to humans through droppings, urine, fleas and more.

While expert cleaning can hugely improve your office’s resistance to pests this winter, it’s useful to have some knowledge about the different pests around at this time of year too. Actions can be taken to prevent them damaging your commercial establishment building and, perhaps more importantly, your business’ reputation!

  • Rodents – Both rats and mice have the ability to squeeze through very small spaces, and during winter, they’re even more desperate to get where it’s warm! Contrary to popular belief, they don’t hibernate, so you must ensure your building’s walls are entirely crack-free and that there are no gaps underneath exterior doors for them to squeeze in.Food waste that isn’t properly disposed of also attracts unwanted visitors, so don’t forget to take a look at our waste management solutions if you’re unsure about how to properly discard of waste. It’s worth noting that rats and mice don’t just pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of staff by carrying diseases, but they can also cause havoc to your business by chewing through walls and electrical wiring!
  • Moths – Moth infestations are usually more prevalent in the home rather than the office – however workplaces can still be caught out! They will eat through soft furnishings, carpets and more given half the chance, leaving you with an unsightly office. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming is the ultimate way to prevent a moth attack, since larvae gravitate towards bacteria as it is higher in protein-rich nutrients.
  • Cockroaches – There are two species of cockroach in the UK, Oriental and German, which both like dark, heated spaces where there’s food and water. They’ll feast on almost anything, including food waste and faecal matter, so understandably they carry a multitude of diseases harmful to humans. They can’t survive at temperatures below -6 degrees, so they’ll do anything to get into your establishment’s building! To prevent an infestation occurring, you need to ensure that surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and waste is properly managed. Get in touch with our highly trained specialist cleaners to prevent a cockroach invasion this winter!
  • Ants – Ants are attracted to damp, dark environments, so any damp piles of wood, logs, leaves or compost are ideal habitats for them. Ensure that these aren’t close to the exterior of the building and make sure your walls are free of damage as they’ll crawl into any cracks!

Hopefully this guide has enabled you to take preventative measures against winter pests, but at any hint of an infestation, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call our pest control experts. We’ll carry out necessary measures swiftly and discreetly using best practises.

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