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Biometric time & attendance launch

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Biometric time & attendance launch

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Managing a large number of mobile cleaners across hundreds of sites has always been a challenge. As a cleaning contractor it is imperative that we know how many cleaners have attended site and when, not only to ensure clients receive the level of service that they deserve, but also for our payroll activities and ensuring the security of our sites and cleaners.

Biometric identification, where a person’s identity can be verified through unique physical attributes, such as their finger print, offers the most advanced and reliable means of doing this. Once the preserve of science fiction, biometric identification technology is now available for commercial use and Julius Rutherfoord is embracing this technology across all of our sites.

BiometricFollowing a successful trial period, we have recently rolled out biometric time and attendance devices to 50 of our largest contracts. The remaining sites will see the devices installed in the coming weeks as we look to implement this ground-breaking management system across our portfolio before the end of 2015.

Instead of using time and attendance phone systems or log books as other cleaning companies, our cleaning staff will simply scan their fingerprint at the time of the start and end of their shift. The data is fed through to our head office in real time with any discrepancies instantly passed on to our managers via email to their iPad device.

The biometric devices are fitted with a 3G sim allowing them to work wirelessly on all of our sites, replacing the old time and attendance phone system. All approved staff have their fingerprints pre-registered on the system meaning we can put the devices into immediate use as soon they arrive on site.

The new biometric devices offer multiple benefits to the client:

  •         Recognition and proof of operative attendance on site
  •         Management information of attendance

        Identification of schedule variation

        Identification of non-approved work

        Real-time absence management

  •          Improvement in quality of service
  •          Improved budget control
  •          Ability to pay operatives by the minute
  •          Reduction in operative pay queries and disputes
  •          Improved client transparency of service delivery and quality
  •          Lone worker compliance

This data is openly available to our clients and provided at no extra cost.. If you wish to understand more about our biometric time and attendance devices then please email or call us on 020 7819 6700.

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