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Experiencing Arctic Conditions At Work? Tips For Avoiding A Cold

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There’s a plethora of advice online about how to avoid catching the cold or flu this winter, but not from an award-winning contract cleaning company in London that has a wealth of experience in the industry. Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we have been delivering robust cleaning services for healthcare, educational and commercial establishments for over twenty years.

Our commitment to achieving the highest standard of cleanliness in all environments has even been officially recognised by Kimberley-Clark Professional a number of times at the annual Golden Service Awards! Read on for our top tips to stay healthy and well this season.

Protect Yourself Against Colds & Flu This Winter

  1. Stay insulated – While being cold won’t give you a cold or flu, it can make you more susceptible to catching either virus. Don’t be fooled by the “alright” autumn weather, as temperatures can drop suddenly come winter. While the weather might seem bearable today, that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same case come tomorrow morning. Make sure you’re prepared by digging out your warm winter gear, and remember that we lose the majority of our body heat through our heads, so don’t forget that hat!
  2. Thorough hand washing – Although many infections are transmitted through the air, you can reduce your vulnerability to catching a cold or flu by regularly (and thoroughly) washing your hands. This is because harmful germs (or pathogens) can be transmitted simply via physical contact. So, for example, if somebody who is ill sneezes into their hand and then immediately holds on to a stair handrail, anybody who touches that spot within the next 24 hours has a higher chance of contracting the same illness. Drying your hands thoroughly is also important – preferably with clean, disposable paper towels.
  3. Eat healthily – During winter we’re often attracted to starchy foods, but our greens are important too. We should eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle no matter the season, but the higher threat of cold or flu in winter is as good a reason as any to start now!
  4. Keep hydrated – Exhaustion, cramps, loss of coordination and other serious health issues are all brought on by dehydration, which in turn leaves our immune system more exposed to illness. It’s not just summer when we need to ensure we drink enough water! Although you might not be sweating as you would in hot weather, it’s still vital that we stay hydrated as our bodies lose water in other ways. All mammals (including ourselves) have a built-in survival mechanism that constricts blood vessels in cold weather in order to retain heat. While this is clever, when our blood vessels shrink we make more frequent trips to the bathroom, increasing our risk of dehydration.
  5. Sleep soundly – It may come as no surprise that the amount of sleep we have, or rather, the amount of sleep we don’t have, can weaken our body’s natural defence systems against viruses and other bacteria. The amount of sleep a person needs varies, but on average adults need at least seven hours a day.

An Award Winning Contract Cleaning Company In London

If you require a leading contract cleaning company in London to carry out maintenance or cleaning services in your establishment, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide five-star solutions to offices, schools and more, so whatever your specific requirements, we’ll come up with a solution that’s unique to you. Call our customer service team on 020 7819 6700 today, or email

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