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Safety Tips For Your Commute Home In The Dark

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Britain has been putting the clocks forward in October and back in March for almost a century now – and those in opposition of the practice have been demanding a change for just as long! The latest clock change was on the 25th of October 2015, which plummeted 9-5pm workers into darkness just in time for their commute home.

If you’re travelling home alone in the dark this winter, take a look at our safety advice below. Also, if you’re catching a bus, train or other shared transport to commute to work, you might be interested in our tips for avoiding illness on transport too!

How Can We Maximise Our Safety When Commuting Home In The Dark?

If you or your employees commute home via public transport, keep safe and take a look at these tips!

  • Travel with a companion – While we would all hope that our streets were completely safe at all times, unfortunately, crime rates are higher during hours of darkness, and travelling with somebody you trust will increase your safety.

    Know the timetable – Whether you’re catching the bus or train, note down what time they arrive at your stop so that you’re not unnecessarily waiting by doing your research beforehand. Some stations can be unstaffed during later-evening and over Christmas, so doing your research is important. You’ll also be able to keep warmer for longer by staying indoors until you have to go – a must for any commuter this winter! Our specialist cleaners are acutely aware of the heightened risk of catching illnesses such as cold and flu during colder weather, and being well insulated is key to staying healthy.

  • Don’t listen to music – While it can be comforting (and not as boring) to wear your headphones on your commute home, not being able to hear will limit your awareness of your surroundings. You could be walking along and not hear a driver beep their car’s horn to warn you of danger, for instance. If you’re not going to surrender your music playlist for safety, at least turn the volume down to a reasonable level and keep your wits about you by looking around often!
  • If you commute to and from work by bicycle, reflective clothing and a helmet are absolute musts. Pedestrians can also benefit from wearing a reflective jacket or armband to help road users see them more easily.
  • Smartphone apps – As well as the above precautions, if you own a smartphone there are also relatively new apps that you install for free which have been designed to increase your safety.  Take, for instance, the ‘bSafe’ Personal Safety app, which (with your permission) allows family or friends to track your whereabouts on your trip home with GPS, enabling them to locate you easily in an emergency. ‘GetMeHome’ is another app which offers similar tools, alerting loved ones when you make it to your destination.

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