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The history of the Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners have come a long way since Hubert Cecil Booth first began promoting his cleaning machine back in 1901. Not only did his vacuum have to be drawn by horse and carriage it was so heavy, it was so large that it was practically impossible for it to enter people’s homes and commercial establishments too (a hose had to be fed through a window or door for it to be effective!).

Today, our professional cleaners in London are so used to portable and specialist vacuum cleaners, that it’s hard to believe it was only just over a century ago that the only available means of ridding dirt and dust from our ancestors’ carpets was to manually pound out the dirt over a washing line or wall!

So What’s Next For Vacuum Cleaners?

After Booth’s monster of a vacuum, Walter Griffiths marketed the first ever portable vacuum cleaner in 1905. Luckily it was small enough for domestic and office use, and so the earliest vacuum cleaner that resembled anything like what our professional cleaners in London are so used to using was born!

Every year after that the initial design improved, with the likes of inventor James B Kirby, James B Sprangler and, of course, William Henry Hoover, all contributing to the end product we know today.

Robotic vacuum cleaners look like becoming the next vacuum revolution and they have come a long way since Swedish manufacturer Electrolux first introduced their autonomous robotic cleaner ‘Electrolux Trilobite’. The latest iRobot Roomba model, the 880, is brilliantly adept at vacuuming hard floors and carpets in the home. All it needs is a charge-up and it will manoeuvre around floor space independently, picking up dirt in its path.

Of course none of these domestic cleaners are quite as powerful as our specialist vacuum cleaners that leave carpets looking as good as new, but they certainly offer a glimpse into future possibilities for the vacuum cleaner!

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