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WOW! Awards Nominations

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WOW! Awards Nominations

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We pride ourselves on empowering our staff, as part of that, we launched the WOW! Awards in 2015 and we are delighted to announce our latest WOW! Awards nominations:

Fernando Carmona & Team – Max Fordham (twice)
“For going above & beyond what is expected of them. Through their attention to detail and how they are always friendly and responsive to requests, they are a credit to Julius Rutherfoord. Fernando & his team are the “Dream Team”

“Some items appeared on a desk within the office. We were unsure as to how they had got there and on investigation we found that when Fernando had been delivering supplies to us he had found the items on the public pavement outside the office. He checked the items and noticed they were for people at Max Fordham. He then brought the (heavy) items in to the office and delivered them to the correct desk on the 2nd floor. This was greatly appreciated and saved us a lot of time in getting the items replaced. This is only one of many times Fernando and his team have gone over and above what we expect them to do. The service and standard of cleaning they give is always at, and often exceeds, our expectation.

“If occasionally something is missed or falls below standard then Fernando and his team respond quickly and positively to put things right. They are a pleasure to work with and are a credit to JR and deserve thanks for the work they carry out here.”

The UK Supreme Court Cleaning Team – The Supreme Court of The United Kingdom
“I have nominated the entire cleaning team, because their dedication is exceptional, they work together as a team, and are so efficient in their day-day duties. They maintain a very good standard in the building.”

Andre Lopes – Springer Nature
“As we all know Andre is very helpful and proactive member of the cleaning team; he is always ready to go the extra mile to help.

“Last week, he has helped me to resolve a problem with the pantry dish washer, where we had froth everywhere caused by the wrong soap applied accidentally by the catering users.

No one knew what to do and Andre decided to help me and we managed to fix it. Without him this would not have happened, I just want to make sure that he knows his help is much appreciated and never taken for granted.

If you could please pass my BIG THANK YOU to him, that would be much appreciated.”

Victor Fernandes Rodrigues – Livability
“This person is a hard-working person.”

We would like to express our utmost thanks to every member of the JR cleaning team for all their hard work and we would encourage our clients to nominate their cleaners for a WOW! Award to recognise their consistent hard work:

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