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Julius Rutherfoord team named a finalist for The WOW! Awards

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Julius Rutherfoord team named a finalist for The WOW! Awards

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Over the last 12 months The WOW! Awards received almost 20,000 customer nominations. Every single one of these has been read, judged and carefully considered. These have been whittled down to 15 categories and just 75 finalists for The WOW! Awards 2016.

The Julius Rutherfoord team at Sunbury Court, Salvation Army, has been named a finalist in the ‘WOW! What a Team’ category!

Our client at the Salvation Army said:

“When we have a team of cleaners who look beyond their everyday responsibilities any client would be happy. When our gardener was ill, they tidied the grounds up for him. Clearing debris after strong winds was another extra mile service undertaken. Now they have offered to high-pressure the stone road paths, the stone steps and pavements that were getting a little moss covered. Our pond area at the front of the house has been tidied, in parts cleared. One of the ponds has been emptied. One cleared off the overgrown lilies. The exterior lights have all been cleaned. The grounds look splendid. This place is not a job for them, they have taken our work and its environs (especially for the ‘retreat’ side of our centre) and made them their own. This is on top of the regular cleaning to extremely high standards that is part of their workday life.”

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A huge congratulations to all of our team at Sunbury Court – Krzysztof Marciniak, Krzysztof Pietryga, Kasia Benedyczak, Halina Kulig, Janina Marciniak and Monika Kissne Szabothe. Alongside all the finalists, we look forward to the fabulous Gala Awards Ceremony in London on Monday 28th of November.

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