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Fresh start and fair wages win the contract

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United Grand Lodge of England

Julius Rutherfoord has won the contract for providing cleaning services at one of London’s historic sites; Freemasons’ Hall, headquarters of United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

Freemasons’ Hall is the principal meeting place for Masonic Lodges in London and UGLE had a particular brief when seeking new contract cleaners for their site. Julius Rutherfoord, who have earned a reputation as a professional and innovative service provider for some of the most iconic offices and buildings in the capital, fully understood the brief and set about delivering a winning tender.

Battersea based Julius Rutherfoord was chosen for their experience and expertise in raising standards through a combination of improved supervision, specialist training and innovative new equipment. They offered a fresh start, providing a more efficient way to increasing standards, loyalty and commitment of staff. They fully restructured the routine, janitorial and management team, and transferred all staff from the National Living Wage to the London Living Wage.

Paying the Living Wage doesn’t have to be devastating to business models. Julius Rutherfoord know that the extra costs of pay rises can be mitigated through contract efficiencies, smarter operating practices, and the improved retention and commitment of operatives who are fairly remunerated for their work.

Marcus Heap, Julius Rutherfoord Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We believe that treating people well is the start of a virtuous circle: operatives have a better quality of life, we sees higher rates of retention (reducing recruitment and training costs) and better attendance rates. This in turn means that UGLE gets a better cleaning service from a fully committed worker.”

The company also demonstrated that the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) methods and values are fully ingrained within the company culture, including correct use in staff and resource calculation modelling.

“As a quality, family-owned London specialist cleaning company, we are thrilled to have been chosen for this significant contract and will be working with UGLE to provide the best possible service. As UGLE will celebrate its 300th anniversary in 2017 we are proud to be a partner during this important period. They expect the best and we are pleased they have chosen Julius Rutherfoord.”

Grand Lodge has been in Great Queen Street since 1775, the present Hall being the third building on the site. Built between 1927–1932 as a memorial to the Freemasons who died in the First World War, it is one of the finest Art Deco buildings in England, and is now Grade II* listed internally and externally. In addition to the Grand Temple (seating 1,700) there are 21 Lodge Rooms, a Library and Museum, Board and Committee Rooms and administrative offices.

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