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Contract cleaning best practice

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While the winter months may place a higher demand on London’s buildings in terms of cleaning, facilities managers who know what best practice looks like from a contractor will weather the season with ease.

Key factors to consider include whether the contract cleaner:

  • performs health and safety audits before starting a job.
  • offers regular training for operatives (not just at induction but throughout their careers at the company).
  • uses environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning products and practices. (For example, using pure water systems to reduce or eliminate need for chemical cleaning agents).
  • performs rigorous security checks on operatives. While some organisations settle for Disclosure and Barring Service checks, these are useless if the ID in question is fake, because fictitious people will not appear on criminal records.

London has become the melting pot in terms of best practice in contract cleaning. Want to know how quality cleaning can save you money, and help reduce workplace absenteeism? For more information and top tips, why not download one of our helpful guides:

And watch out for our Best Practice Guide to Security – coming soon.

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