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Do cleaner schools achieve higher grades?

Do cleaner schools achieve higher grades?

The link between a clean, hygienic environment and productivity is gaining more and more recognition. Here at Julius Rutherfoord, we’ve known for some time that meticulous cleaning standards set the […] Read More

Closing the productivity gap

A fascinating review of workplace productivity in the UK was published in December 2016. It taps into so much of what we are trying to achieve at Julius Rutherfoord. The […] Read More

Contract cleaning best practice

  While the winter months may place a higher demand on London’s buildings in terms of cleaning, facilities managers who know what best practice looks like from a contractor will […] Read More
Maintaining a Healthy Workplace!

Maintaining a Healthy Workplace!

Getting workplace well-being right is essential for businesses that are striving to grow in a challenging economic environment. A healthy workplace needs more than just great cleaning. Although tackling germs […] Read More
What Is The Healthy Workplace Project?

What Is The Healthy Workplace Project?

The Healthy Workplace project is an awareness initiative undertaken by Kimberly-Clark Professional – a leading provider of hygiene and safety solutions – that aims to make workplaces more hygienic by […] Read More
How To Identify Illegal Workers

How To Identify Illegal Workers

Security and safety is essential within all buildings, but never more so than in environments with vulnerable people or children. Cleaning organisations providing contract services for establishments must be vetted […] Read More
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