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Carpet Care


At Julius Rutherfoord we see all carpets differently. Using specialist machines, and staff which have been trained and accredited by ProChem, we can choose from a number of carpet cleaning methods to find the right one for each carpet.

Using appropriate risk assessments we test and make sure we are confident in the method and chemicals we choose to clean your carpet. The carpet cleaning methods we use include wet extraction, powder and bonnet machines. These specialist cleans are done by trained managers who know your sites and clean to the highest standards.

We can also offer carpet deodoriser and sanitiser treatments to ensure that your carpets, rugs and upholstery are hygienically clean and free from odours and bacteria. Carpets are dust collectors and not only do we effectively vacuum carpets, we deep clean and shampoo them on a regular basis to make sure that your whites are whiter and your carpets much brighter.

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