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Gardening & Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance is a relatively new addition to the Julius Rutherfoord suite of services. By having our own grounds maintenance teams we can ensure that the same level of care and attention to detail that our cleaners achieve inside is matched in the exterior environment.

Grounds maintenance includes everything from litter picking, indoor and external cleaning, void cleans, bulk refuse collection, hedge trimming and cutting, tree felling, lawn mowing and planting. Our teams have been specially trained in the relevant disciplines to ensure beautifully maintained and manicured outdoor spaces. We pride ourselves in providing safe and beautiful gardens for you to enjoy.

All staff have the correct personal protective equipment, training and tools and our friendly and hardworking grounds maintenance team will even remove discarded items such as sofas and other unwanted or dumped items from your site and dispose of them responsibly.

We regularly visit your sites and our well signed vehicles and uniformed staff provide a reassuring presence and are happy to help you plant your seeds and help grow and maintain the garden you have always wanted!

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