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Healthy WorkplaceAs London’s premium cleaning contractor and proud winners of the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service Award for the UK’s Healthiest Workplace two times running, Julius Rutherfoord are ideally placed to assist companies in improving their own workplace health and well-being.

We are currently offering prospective clients a free Healthy Workplace Assessment worth £495. We will visit your workplace, take a number of swab readings to analyse the microbial level of cleanliness throughout your premises and then report back with the results, as well as providing free advice on how to improve germ hotspots.

By employing well-trained cleaners, using the right equipment and techniques, and by introducing simple measures throughout the workplace, Julius Rutherfoord want all our clients to have access to the knowledge and tools to allow them to improve the well-being of their staff and visitors; to reduce workplace sickness; and increase staff morale and productivity.

To get started, call us on 020 7819 6700 or read our ‘8 ways to keep a healthy workplace’ guide.

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