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Recycling Management

recycling management

Julius Rutherfoord is an environmentally conscious company, and wherever possible we encourage our clients to do the same. Our preferred waste management solution means that 0% of collected waste goes to landfill. Instead it is recycled or incinerated for electricity production. In doing this, almost two-thirds of the waste collected can be recycled, saving 172 tonnes of CO2 annually.

It is not just paper, plastic and cans that we recycle. Food, batteries and electrical goods are also sorted and safely recycled, strictly according to the latest legislation and guidelines. Our contractor collects the waste from your site at a time which suits you, it is then transported to the nearest processing plant, all located within London, thus further reducing our carbon footprint.

All of our waste management suppliers are accredited and fully licenced with the appropriate Environmental Agency carrier accreditations. As well as general waste, and recycling, our trusted sub-contractors safely and securely remove and process confidential material, which is ultimately also recycled.

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