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Washroom & Laundry


Washrooms, due to their nature and high footfall, are areas that need a particularly high level of attention in order to remain clean, tidy and hygienic, and the standard of washrooms is always a barometer by which the cleanliness of any office or school will be measured.

At Julius Rutherfoord we provide a full range of washroom services with a frequency tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. Services include: regular inspections, general cleaning, feminine hygiene, vending machines, soap and towel dispensers, air fresheners, sanitising systems, and hand dryers. We also specialise in medical and clinical waste collection and disposal.

We have a long standing relationship with sub-contractors who can assist in reducing wastage and cost without compromising service. In addition we also provide washing and laundering services for bed linen, hand towels and bath towels.

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