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We clean a variety of professional and educational properties in London. As commercial contract cleaning specialists, we manage our client base carefully to ensure we are able to provide the level of duty that we promise.

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Commercial Contract Cleaning From Julius Rutherfoord

By confining our cleaning services to London we can ensure that each client we work with receives the attention and resources that they deserve. The three core sectors in which Julius Rutherfoord operates are:

  1. Educational Sector – We provide many school and college cleaning services, including primary school, college and university contracts! We were even awarded the Kimberly-Clark Golden Service award for our exceptional school cleaning.
  2. Commercial Sector – Our commercial contract cleaners specialise in sanitising and managing hundreds of professional offices throughout London, including barristers’ chambers, media and advertising offices, finance properties, as well as many beautiful and historical buildings.
  3. Community And Healthcare Sector – We provide our premium services to a number of charitable and healthcare organisations, such as the Institute of Cancer Research and the Stroke Association. Our cleaners and maintenance experts also carry out their work for the affordable housing sector.

All of our specialist cleaners have extensive experience within all of the above sectors, and understand the unique requirements of each. You can find further information about the work we do for a specific sector by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Do Require Professional Contract Cleaning Specialists?

Each member of the Julius Rutherfoord team receive extensive and on-going training to ensure they know how best to disinfect and maintain your establishment, but if any enquiries or would like more information about commercial contract cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7819 6700.

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