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We understand that media and advertising agencies in London like to do things a little differently to your typical office, and as such we have developed this office cleaning package specifically for London’s media and advertising sector.

Not only can we provide exceptional cleaning standards to any office environment, no matter how unusual (we clean offices with astroturf floors, slides, scrum walls & hot desks), our healthy workplace initiative will improve the health and well being of your staff and our recycling services will improve your organisations sustainability rating.


“It is my pleasure to compliment Daniela and her team for the excellent cleaning services they provide to the Textappeal office. Right from the start when Daniela was appointed our Area Manager she has always been incredibly professional and always ensures our needs are met and expectations exceeded.

I would strongly recommend Julius Rutherfoord and their team for all your cleaning services.”

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Some of the benefits of Julius Rutherfoord’s media and advertising cleaning services are:

Hassle free office cleaning

We already provide award winning cleaning services across London but, specifically for media and advertising companies, we can also accommodate unusual environments and flexible working arrangements like hot desks.

Improved employee well being

Our award winning Healthy Workplace Initiative improves the wellbeing of your employees whilst at work, reducing sickness, making them feel cared for and creating a ‘home away from home’.——————————————

Increase sustainability and recycling

We use chemical-free cleaning products wherever possible, and our waste management service encourages recycling and ensures 0% of waste goes to landfill.

Protect your technology

Our specially designed mobile phone and tablet sanitising wipes help to keep your employees’ tech clean.——————————————————————

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We have used Julius Rutherfoord for over three years. The cleaners are always friendly and are lovely to have around if you're working late

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