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Technology companies in London do things a little differently to your typical workplace, because of this we have refined and perfected this office cleaning package specifically for London’s technology sector.

Not only can we provide exceptional cleaning standards to any office environment, no matter how unusual (we already clean offices with astroturf floors, slides, scrum walls & hot desks), our healthy workplace initiative will improve the health and well being of your staff and our recycling services will improve your organisations sustainability rating.


“It is my pleasure to compliment Daniela and her team for the excellent cleaning services they provide to the Textappeal office. Right from the start when Daniela was appointed our Area Manager she has always been incredibly professional and always ensures our needs are met and expectations exceeded.

I would strongly recommend Julius Rutherfoord and their team for all your cleaning services.” – Office Manager

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Some of the benefits of Julius Rutherfoord’s technology cleaning services are:

Improved employee well being

Our award winning Healthy Workplace Initiative improves the wellbeing of your staff whilst at work, reducing sickness, making them feel cared for and creating a ‘home away from home’.

Increase sustainability and recycling

We use chemical-free cleaning products wherever possible, and our waste management service encourages recycling and ensures 0% of waste goes to landfill.

Support client branding

Our cleaners assimilate themselves into any company’s culture, adopting the branding, and upholding the companies standards; this is part of our initial training.

Understand the importance of Health & Safety

Our cleaning staff and supervisors are highly trained in all aspects of Health & Safety and COSHH.———————————————

BICSc accredited training

Our BICSc accredited training academy located in our head office means that all our cleaning staff and their supervisors are trained in the latest cleaning techniques. We are constantly striving to refine and improve our service, and our training academy allows us to retrain our staff every 6 months to guarantee our clients are receiving the most premium service.

Moving forward with innovation

We are a company who embrace new technology to help make us more effective. From the latest new equipment to productivity software,  we constantly strive to innovate where this brings a client benefit. An example is our recently adopted enzyme cleaning.—————————————————————————-

Guide: 8 ways quality cleaning saves you money

Budget cleaning is often a false economy. In this guide learn how premium cleaning services will save you money in the long run.

8 ways quality cleaning saves you money

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