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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy


Julius Rutherfoord & Co Ltd recognises that the safety of its employees engaged in providing Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance and Portering services, its staff at head office and its other stakeholders are a prime responsibility of management at all levels. The Company Directors have overall responsibility for this Policy. Day to day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to the company Health & Safety Officer.

The Company will:

1. Regularly assess the Health and Safety risks arising from its activities and, based on the results of the assessments and consultation with employees, set annual objectives and targets for the continuous improvement of the Company’s Health and Safety performance.

2. Comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation and those additional standards and codes of practice to which it may subscribe.

3. Introduce appropriate procedures and systems to ensure safe and healthy working conditions of its employees and others. This will include:

a. Ensuring that all staff are made aware of the Health and Safety policy and the requirements of its safety management system by appropriate training and awareness briefings.

b. The control of work activities to minimise the risks associated with manual handling, working at height and other risks associated with the activities carried out by its employees.

c. The assessment and minimisation of risks associated with the use and safe storage of chemicals and equipment used in Cleaning; plant and machinery used in Grounds Maintenance and manual handling in Portering.

d. Monitor its compliance with regulatory, national and Company standards and take action to ensure that compliance is maintained through regular audit and review.

A copy of the arrangements for Health and Safety are available as a separate document and form part of our yellow site file inducted to all staff.

All accidents and ill health reported under RIDDOR are recorded in the Company’s Incident Record database.


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