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Contract Management

RegistrationWe have 20 years’ experience in cleaning and operate in over 350 commercial and educational premises in London. This knowledge and expertise, combined with guidance from the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) guidelines, allows Julius Rutherfoord to determine the most accurate staffing levels for your requirements, using the frequencies proven to deliver a 5* quality finish.

Julius Rutherfoord has detailed management systems in place such as biometric time and attendance monitoring to ensure the correct staff are cleaning the correct areas at the correct times and with the correct equipment and machinery to ensure fulfilling the contract terms and ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors.

This includes:

From our initial visit following the award of the contract through to the continued monthly reviews, our approach will be to work with representatives of your organisation to ensure high levels of quality are attained at all times

We systematically audit our cleaning operations. This is done through our Area Manager and, uniquely to the cleaning industry; we have Quality Auditors to ensure the highest standards are being attained at all times.

Management personnel

We will employ a dedicated Area Manager and Area Supervisor to support the onsite cleaning team. They will provide you with regular customer support visits to ensure the smooth running of the contract. Our Area Managers have strict limits to the number of clients they look after. This ensures you receive the time and attention necessary to maintain high levels of service and support.

Our management team are supported by a full time office based Customer Services team.

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