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Management Systems

BiometricIn line with our ‘Fresh thinking in cleaning’ philosophy, Julius Rutherfoord looks to embrace new and innovative technologies wherever feasible, both in the equipment we use and the management systems we employ.

As a modern and progressive cleaning contractor, we keep track of where all our employees are through a sophisticated time and attendance system; we monitor our fleet of vehicles and track their location and emissions through our fleet management  system; and we carefully manage our client relationships through an advanced CRM system.

These Management systems help Julius Rutherfoord to provide the most efficient and cost effective cleaning service in London.

Contract Management App

Our latest management tool is the launch of an industry-leading tablet based contract management app. The app allows our managers to control all aspects of contract management, from ordering consumables and raising customer service requests to managing and recording onsite training, quality auditing, human resourcing and health & safety.

This can now be performed on-site by our contract managers using their iPad devices with real-time data sent back to our head office and available to all of our clients through our forthcoming client portal meaning our managers can spend more time at your site. Additional information on our new contract management app can be found here.

Attendance Monitoring

Keeping track of over 2000 cleaners at 350 sites across London is no mean feat. In order for Julius Rutherfoord to ensure 100% service delivery we employ a range of timekeeping systems.

Telephone Time and Attendance

With the use of Telephone Time and Attendance, all cleaners are required to telephone a central computing system that identifies and records the caller as well as the time & place of the call.  This is used to verify that they have arrived on your site.  The same procedure is followed when leaving the premises, thus indicating the time of finish.

The system recognises the land line that the call was made from as being on the premises. Each cleaner, when calling from that number, must submit a unique PIN number to identify themselves, thereby eliminating ‘buddy punching’.

Bio-metric Time and Attendance

Wherever we can improve the service we provide, we are keen to utilise innovative new technologies.

Biometric Finger Scanners use multi-spectral imaging technology that enables the measurement of fingerprint characteristics that are at and beneath the surface of the skin

Through the use of biometric finger scanners we have complete control of exactly who is entering your premises.  The technology eliminates the risk of fraudulent activity by cleaners as the multi-spectral imaging technology will only allow registered employees to log in.

Using telephone or biometric automated timekeeping systems helps Julius Rutherfoord maintain exceptional service levels.  We can:

CRM System

Julius Rutherfoord utilises the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software ‘Goldmine Premium Edition’. Every telephone call, email, letter or conversation is recorded in Goldmine. The reporting of Goldmine means that every department within Julius Rutherfoord is aware of what is happening on each and every contract at any given time, and we can allocate additional resources to areas of need.

Goldmine is fully integrated with Word, Excel, Internet and Outlook. Emails from Goldmine, (or from our clients), go directly to Operation Manager’s PDAs to enable quick and clear lines of communication. The capabilities of Goldmine, combined with Crystal Reporting, enables analysis of client satisfaction surveys, meeting results and service request response times.

Maintained on Goldmine are links to current: specifications; inspections; audits; job descriptions and risk assessments.

On receipt of any relevant information, (through telephone, fax, meeting or letter), from either a client or an employee, the support team will log this information into ‘Goldmine’.

Vehicle tracking

We have a fleet of hybrid and low emission cars and vans that we monitor through a mobile resource management system. Basically, we track all our vehicles so we know where they are at all times. These vehicles are also fitted with cameras to prevent fraudulent collision claims on our company vehicles; reducing our insurance premiums and promoting responsible driving practices.

If additional cover is required we can deploy the closest team to deal with the situation. Additionally, we can monitor the CO2 emission, speed and mileage of each vehicle.

Monitoring each vehicle allows us to deliver a timely and flexible service delivery, whilst also promoting safer and more efficient driving styles from our drivers.

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