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Quality ControlOver the last 20 years, Julius Rutherfoord has carefully placed itself as London’s premier cleaning contractor. We have invested heavily in implementing the right management systems, technology and staff to allow us to provide an exceptional cleaning service.

With this experience we can assure you peace of mind in the planning and delivery of your cleaning requirements.

All Julius Rutherfoord cleaning staff undergo 6 monthly training programmes to ensure they are aware of the latest cleaning and health and safety procedures. We monitor our cleaners’ locations, and site attendance through sophisticated vehicle tracking and time and attendance systems to ensure clients receive the service they have paid for.

Additionally, we were the first cleaning contractor to conduct independent site audits to evaluate our own cleaning standards.

Site Auditors use a pre-programmed PDA device with software specifically designed for auditing our sites.  The Site Auditor grades each area based on the standards achieved.  By using the PDA, we can ensure consistency across all sites and the results are digitally recorded and available in our CRM system.

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