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Security Vetting

PassportOur unique four-step vetting process

As a system-based company, we always ensure we have effective procedures in place, and the security vetting system is no exception. We make sure all our staff, from directors to cleaners, whether recruited by us or taken over on a contract, have the legal right to work in the UK and pose no threat to your business.

Four-step vetting procedure

Positive Identity Check

No-one can work for us without first providing photographic ID with a machine readable zone (MRZ). Our first check, therefore, is to visually match the photo with the applicant. Sounds obvious, but a surprising number of employers do not even conduct this basic level of inspection.

Document verification

Our passport reader automatically captures a document’s ultraviolet and infra-red response, comparing these images instantly to an online database. This is the world’s largest reference database for documents; it includes over 1,800 types of document from over 200 countries; updating new documents as soon as they are issued.  Such documents include passports, work permits and residence permits.

The reader captures all pictures and text on the ID document, as well as information stored in the machine readable zone (MRZ).

 Children’s Barred List checks

We also check the applicant against the Children’s Barred List, which indicates – far more quickly than a DBS check – whether they appear on the sex offenders register or are barred from working with children.

 DBS checks

Once the candidate has successfully passed the first three steps, we require them, where applicable, to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure Application. We examine this and submit an online DBS submission, which checks the candidate against the Police National Computer, local police records and several other government databases. This express service takes only 5 working days, minimising the length of time the individual – having passed our first three stages of vetting – works on-site, under close supervision, without a DBS certificate.

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