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Training AcademyLocated in the basement of our Head Office in Battersea is one of the cleanest rooms you’ll ever see. Our fully equipped BICSc accredited Training Academy was developed in association with the British Institute of Cleaning Science modular training scheme and this is where we train our staff.

No-one steps out in Julius Rutherfoord uniform until they’ve passed through our BICSc-accredited training programme. And when we inherit TUPE staff, each one must re-train with us, so we know they’re good enough for our standards.

There’s a lot to learn. Some of our equipment can be quite technical. But even with the simpler processes of cleaning, there’s always a right way, a safe way and a more productive way to do things. That’s what we’ve learnt – and that’s what we teach.

Then at least every six months, staff train again. We like to keep perfecting our systems, so there might be a new health & safety procedure to learn, or a more environmentally-friendly procedure to practice. This can happen on-site, led by one of our area managers who are BICSc-accredited trainers.

Julius Rutherfoord